​​​​​​​ STONE  STEEL ​&   HEART

HEAVY metal ​HARDROCK ​iconic guitar series....

​​dean Malispina

​Dean had a bug for art  at an early age. He was the kid in class obsessively doodling on Pee-Chee folders; off in a  world of His  own filled with imagination and determination. At age 19 Dean was awarded the  "Best of Show" at the Calaveras County fair that confirmed he had a feel for art that other's could appreciate. He ventured into wood murals as a hobby and evntually stone carving. In spite of his love for art, it was only a hobby. Heading a call to mission work after 25 years of businesss, Dean had the privilege of living both in Moscow Russia  and Montebelluna Italy, which gave him access to the world of european  architecture and art. As God would have it He blessed Dean with another desire of his heart. He married his wife Suzanne after saying goodbye to her eighteen years prior. this brought him back to America where he now resides in tacoma washington. Provided with a shop, tools and time,  He aggressively pursued his passion  for art  once again ............         thank you for taking the time to get to know us , God bless, Dean & Suzanne